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I have been training and competing with my dogs for nearly forty years, over those years I have owned 5 GSD’s, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, 2 WSD’s  and a JRT.

In Obedience competition I worked one of my GSD’s and Golden Retriever from Pre-Beginners up to Open Class C level.

Currently running:

Zak - Not Too Late - WSD

Zak being my first WSD was a real eye opener, getting him as a 7 week old pup, he needed almost 24/7 attention.  I took him to Obedience Classes and when he was old enough started him at Agility Classes which he really excelled in.

We started competing in Agility at elementary level which took him through to Grade 5.  He retired from Agility a few months before his 10th birthday, he has now reached the grand age of 12 and still gets his toys and throw them at me for a game of tug.

Bud - Brilliant Blooming Bud - WSD

I  first saw Bud (then named Buster) on the West Suffolk RSPCA web site as a 10 month old pup back in 2009.  Being a neglected case, he came with a lot of issues, with careful and sympathetic training he has developed into a most rewarding dog.

Starting him in Grade 3 Agility we had a few placings, then at the end of August 2012 he was placed 1st in Agility, now in Grade 6 we are hoping for a successful 2017.

  Marge - Magnificent Magic Marge - JRT

Marge being a re-homing case, I brought her as a 8 month old pup for my Daughter.

My Daughter took her to Obedience Classes, when Marge was old enough was started in Agility Classes.  Competing with her in Agility at Grade 1 level they had quite a few placings, but my Daughter decided that Agility was not really for her.

Having to change ownership as Marge was in my Daughters name I took her over in Spring 2012. Working her at Grade 3 level we entered our first Show and was placed 2nd in Agility.

Our next weekend show took her into Grade 6 winning a 2nd in Jumping, 1st Jumping and two 1st Agility wins.  Now in Grade 6 she has had several placings with one 1st in Jumping, now looking forward to the new season.