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Tilly - Tear Around Tilly - 1994 - 2012 (16 years) - Grade 7

Tilly came to me in 1996 when was about 18 months from Pineridge Dog Sanctuary.  She was a a good family dog and a great teacher of agility to Hazel, my oldest daughter.

Her agility career took its time as I had two children, Hazel in 2000 and Connie in 2003, which limited the amount of shows and training I could do. However, I do remember qualifying for the Mini knock out when I was 8 months pregnant  with Hazel.  As each round got smaller there was less time to recover between rounds and by the final round I think people were on standby for an early labour!

Tilley retired at about 15years old as she had bad eyesight and hearing.  But despite her retirement she often came along to the shows to cheer the others on!

Whilst we had some hold ups along the way, I feel we have achieved far more than some would just dream about. This little stray took me places I thought were impossible goals, but still each year she took me further.  Perhaps this was her way to say thanks. We were always both on a buzz when we ran in a class, and were an amazing partnership. We may have taken longer to get there but it was always good when it happened. 

Well done Tilly x

Updated 2012:  It is with a heavy heart that MandySu had to sadly make the unenviable decision to have Tilly (Tear Around Tilly) put to sleep on 7th January after a short and sudden illness. 

Tilly was the epitome of what can be achieved with a rescue dog with many Crufts finals and Olympia appearances.  For a small terrier she has left a massive space and will be greatly missed.

Their achievements:
Senior at Vyne 2000
Advanced Southdown's 2001

Crufts 2001 Eukanuba Knock-out
2003, 2006, 2007and 2008 Eukanuba Mini Challenge
2005 and 2006 Mini Championship
Pedigree Mini Olympia semi -final 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 200
8 and 2009
Olympia Mini Final 2005 & 2008 pairs 2nd
Champion Certificate Nottingham 2004
Reserve Champion Certificate Agility Club 2005
Champion Certificate Dogs In Need 2005
Reserve Champion Certificate Crufts 2006
Reserve Champion Certificate D.I.N.2006
Reserve Champion Certificate Agility Club 2007
Crufts Eukanuba Mini Mixie Pairs 2007,2008 and 2008 Burgess Final 2007

Eukanuba Pairs 1st & 1st Euk Challenge (heat 1), 5th (heat 2)2nd Final overall at 13years old

ms & t


Chester - Cheeky Chap Jester - (est 1997 - 2013)

I was Chester's 3rd home after he was found in Wales as a stray but he soon became a true "Essex Boy".

He was a Basenji JRX  and was approx 2-3yrs old when I got him in 1999.

He was trained to do agility BUT is not a willing worker! Being ruled by his stomach and always not sure when he will be eating again, the burger vans and dog stalls were to a greater attraction. Despite his aversion to agility he lived a very happy life on the farm eating what ever he could! Literally! He had a number of surgeries to remove unsuitable items from his stomach including small balls and toys.

Cleo (Senior) - Cleo's Scottish Flyer - 1994-2005

Cleo was my first Agility dog and was responsible for getting me 'hooked' with this agility lark! 

She was a great little dog and competed at Senior level in Midi. She was just a tad over 15 inches and when she started competing she did full height jumps (30"), as Midi classes were few and far between.

Cleo is pictured on the right with Chester.

chester & cleo
  Flo - Flo Flo Quick Quick Flo - 15 Years

Flo came to me in 2003 when she was about 18 months old, I was Flo's 3rd home.

She can do agility but finds it hard to enjoy herself if she is asked to do something.  Her last home found having such a lively dog hard and tried to stop her being so lively, which is why i think she is the way she is and only runs around when you ignore her!!

She is a very lively dog and runs around like she is on e-numbers.

She comes along to Agility shows as a spectator and enjoys the exercise area a great deal - but no matter what size it is its never big enough for Flo!!

  Izzy - Agility Chanpion Stonebridge Black Magic - Born 2005 - Grade 7

Izzy is a Patterdale terrier. She started competing in agility in July 2006 and doing really well winning into Grade 7 in 2008.

She has competed at Crufts, Olympia and many other competitions receiving great results.

Achievements include:

Won out of Grade 5 into Grade 6 at Rugby July 2007
Won out of Grade 6 into Grade 7 at Rugby 2008
Crufts 2009 Eukanuba Challenge, small Crufts team and small Eukanuba Team - 1st
Pedigree Olympia Semi Final 2009
Crufts 2011 DFS Small Challenge 7th (1st Part) 3rd (2nd Part)
BATS KC 21/05/11 - 2nd in KC Olympia Qualifier and through to final in September
Nottingham 28/05/11 - KC Champion Certificate
Crufts 2012 1st small/mixi pairs, competed in the championship jumping and agility challenge.
Olympia 2012 Qualified
Olympia 2013 5th Place
Axstane 2013 - KC Champion Certificate
Qualified Crufts 2014
Vyne 2014 - KC Champion Certificate

  Ruby - Shorty Rhubarb Crumble - Born 2005 - Grade 7

Ruby is Hazel's dog and competes in Agility.

Hazel and Ruby started at Grade 1 and has progressed to Grade 6, all wins with Hazel as her handler.

She has competed in the Agility Club Juniors Final 2010 and came 2nd, again in 2011 and in 2012 she came 4th. 

Hazel competed at Crufts 2012 with Ruby, winning the semi-final in the YKC ring and later came 9th in the final in the  main arena. She also won the Dog In Need 2012 Under 12 final and at the same show qualified for Crufts 2013.
  Poppy - All Gold At Stonebridge - Born 2006

Poppy was Hazel's first dog and is a Jack Russel cross Pom.  Poppy is not at all toy motivated but loves doing anything for food.  If you ever meet Poppy at a show, you'll notice her because she has a bell attached to her collar for when she does her disappearing acts! 
  Diva - Stonebridge Dashing Diva - Born 2008 - Grade 7

Diva is Izzy's daughter and is crossed with a Jack Russell.  She recently won out of her grade 3 times at the same show, Dogs in Need, and is now running at Grade 7 agility.  She has competed at many of the top competitions. 

2012 she competed at Crufts and came 7th in the small/mixi pairs.  She also competed in the small agility challenge. 
  Mimi - Born 2010 

Mimi is a Papillion.  She is Connie's first dog.

At 9 months she was diagnosed with Syringomyelia, a condition more common in Cavalier King Charles.  Each day is special to all of us as we are not sure how long Connie will have Mimi, but for now she enjoys life just like any other dog the same age and long may it continue! 


Twizzle -  Frazermar at Stonebridge - Born 2012

 Twizzle is a Papillion.

  Ru-Bear (Twizzle's Dad) - 8 years

  Loki - Stonebridge Trick Star - Born 2016
Loki is Twizzle's son