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Please check here or on front page, ring or text MandySu if  the weather is bad and you are unsure if your class may be cancelled - 07759 146282 (For Sunday training check Saturday evening before 9pm)

Topic's Journey
Topic is Sandra & Bob's new baby girl. She is a rescue pup from Ireland. Topic was rescued by Heathlands Animal Sanctuary 4 days before Christmas 2013. She was approx 7wks old & on death row she was on a "Put to sleep order" with just one more day left before Heathlands stepped in to save her & many other dogs. She was rescued with another litter of 7 pups who sadly all died of Parvovirus within days of arrival in England, so the fear was that she would also die.
Thankfully she was given the all clear by the vets & placed in a foster home with 11 dogs. She then came down with a bout of Kennel Cough, poorly pup. Bob spotted Topic on the Heathlands Website on Christmas Eve & immediately fell in love. A long wait ensued as the sanctuary was closed until 12pm 27th December and a disappointing call followed as Topic was already reserved. However, good news followed on New Year's Eve to say she was again up for adoption. New Year's Day involved a long wet journey to Leighton Buzzard to see her and it was love love love. They then had to wait till the 5th of January for a home check & approval which they passed and on the 7th, after another wet journey this time to Royston, Heathlands Headquarters, they got to bring her home.
Who knows what her future will bring but she's a tough cookie so watch this space.

Olympia 2013

Mandysu & Izzy qualified for the final of the Agility Stakes Final at Olympia, following an unexpected twist after a second run elimination at the semi-final.  While running the semi-final course (their first attempt and under normal circumstances would of been their only attempt), they pair had managed to get to obstacle 14 and round the hardest complicated parts when Mandysu realised people were shouting at her.  An Akita was chasing Izzy on the course! Mandysu reacted quickly and grabbed Izzy and the Akita started jumping up at both of them. 

Because of this they were allowed a re-run and because both were still shook up from the earlier events, they got eliminated at jump 3.  Mandysu was gutted as they hadn't qualified. However, when Dave Ray the judge announced the results they read out the top 10 dogs that were through to the final and then they announced they had made a decision to take an 11th dog through and that was Mandysu and Izzy!

So on 20th December the pair and Mandysu's two children went to the finals at London's Olympia and managed to gain her highest placing at the show, coming home with a very well earned 5th place. Congratulations to you both!

Discover Dogs

Congratulations to to Lynnette with Gunner who won his pedigree class and Teasel who was shortlisted in hers. 

Well done to Mel and Zanzi who won the Agility Starters Cup Agility round at Discover Dogs.


The Agility Club Annual Awards

A huge congratulations to the 13 Stonebridge members who submitted their points achieved during the season to the Agility Club Points League and resulted in the Club being placed 1st for the year and promoted to Division 1.

Mandysu and a couple of other members went along to the presentation at the end of November to collect the shield.

Wonder if we can do the same next season ....  


KC International Festival and Dogs In Need 2013

Many members were out competing at these shows and despite the alcohol and BBQs, some super results were achieved.  Well done to everyone and for full details see the results page, but amongst them were the following:
* Mel & Zanzi

At KCIF Mel won her Grade 2 Agility winning into Grade 3 and also qualified for the semi final of the KC Starters Cup.  On Sunday, a nervous Mel and Zanzi competed against some top Grade 1 & 2 handlers and they won the class by 2 seconds and gained a place in the final at Discover Dogs 2013.  Following on from this achievement she travelled to Dogs In Need and gained a couple more first places with some superb runs, including winning the Agility Club Starters Cup qualifier for the final at the Agility Club next year.  She also qualified for the Large Grade 2 Colimanor Finals which she won by 4 seconds. 
* Lynnette & Gunner

Lynnette and Gunner have been training in Agility for 5 years and have been out competing at many shows but just could never achieve the elusive clear round.

Well Lynnette's perseverance paid off at Dogs In Need and on their last day they got their Clear Round Rosette in what was one of the trickier classes with 12 cracking weaves.

As you can from the picture though, Gunner found the whole experience very tiring!!

* Liz & Cleo 

Day 2 competing at Dogs In Need and Liz & Cleo gained a 1st place in their Grade 2 agility and won out into Grade 3.  This also gained them a place in the Colimanor Finals on Thursday, where they had a lovely clear round and gained a 5th place.

Axstane Champ

What a weekend of results for Stonebridge at Axstane Show this year, but for Mandysu, the biggest result for her was the well deserved win in the Champ Class, gaining her 2nd Champ Certificate with Izzy (Stonebridge Black Magic) and automatic qualification to run at Crufts 2014.

To qualify for the final MandySu and Izzy had won the Champ Agility round and came 3rd in the Champ Jumping.

 Arthur Richards Judge with Mandysu & Izzy

Stonebridge 2013 Show - Click here for full results and pictures


We would like to remind everyone who is taking part in classes at Stonebridge that they should make sure they are wearing the appropriate footwear - wellington boots are not permitted regardless of the weather.

1-2-1 Lessons

1-2-1 lessons are available all year round. Please contact Mandysu for more details.

Stonebridge Spring Show 2012 - Click here for full details of the results and pictures from the day.

Stonebridge at Crufts 2012 -
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